18 November 2013

Monday Musings: Me, Dressing My Truth

I recently read that 'selfies' are some kind of internet faux pas. Well, too bad because they're almost the only kind of pictures I have of me dressing my truth, which I have basically promised to discuss more than once. Today is the day. Hang on to your hats. hahaha

Let's start off with the basics: what is "Dressing Your Truth"? It's an offspring program of an energy profiling system (similar to personality profiling, but different) which can be found in the book It's Just My Nature, by author and originator Carol Tuttle. The Child Whisperer is also about energy profiling, but with application to parenting and children (which I wrote about here). This energy profiling system has similar aims to personality profiling, namely greater self-understanding and acceptance as well as greater understanding of your own personal gifts.

What's fascinating about this system is that you may discover that what you and others have understood to be your weaknesses may also be your greatest gifts - they just need careful management so that they can be a blessing to yourself and others around you. As an example, I have typed myself (and had it confirmed) as a type 2 in this system, which among other things describes me as soft and subtle. One of the tendencies of this type is that they are generally quite sensitive; sensitive to products that go on their skin, sensitive to the feel of fabrics, sensitive emotionally so they tend to cry frequently, and possibly sensitive to the extent that they may get offended easily. The flip side of this is that they're also sensitive to how others are feeling and they seek to not only be comfortable themselves but also to make others comfortable in every way. If you had a peacemaker in your family, they might be a type 2.

Anyway, my aim is not to educate you about all of the energies, but to share with you my experience. You can do a free version of the course and read the book(s) that have the information at a relatively low cost (or for free - check your library). I chose to purchase the course and become fully invested. I have long avoided being 'trendy' because I could see how quickly trends come and go, and I just wanted to look 'classic' - whatever I thought that meant. But with what I know now I can always put together a look that works for me and I can look and feel good without wearing the 'latest look'. My own kind of classic. Highly individualized without looking like I'm trying hard to be different. The idea of it is that who you are on the inside, can be seen on the outside by what you're wearing. Even people who have no knowledge of the program will get an accurate 'vibe' about who you are.

To me it was completely worth it, and honestly (weird as it sounds) an answer to a silent prayer. I think Heavenly Father cares about what we care about (that's worthwhile anyway) and I have had a desire and vision of myself being a classy dresser for a long time. I could recognize it in other people, but for various reasons could see that what was on someone else was not going to work for me. So now I know why, and I know how to make a good look for me. Does it matter a bunch what we wear? Not exactly, but it does send a message to people, and I just wanted it to be accurate. So the Lord led me to it I think.  

Many people have experienced a lot of emotional healing as a result of their experience with energy profiling; to me, it just depends on your level of self-acceptance prior to your journey. I personally had a high level of self-acceptance before I did the course so in that particular way it didn't have a huge impact on me (though there has been some emotional healing), but I gained a greater understanding (and acceptance) of other people, too. I've really loved the understanding I've gained of fashion and of what is fashionable to me. I firmly believe that the Lord validated, approved of, and helped me fulfill the quiet desire of my heart. Because He's awesome like that.

For my type (most of them, actually) I am no longer to wear black, but I can wear a version of black - charcoal. So, even though some of these pictures look like I may be wearing black don't be fooled - the lighting may make it look black, but it's really not. These are some of my fancier outfits of the day. Enjoy!

This awesome necklace was my husband's Grandmother Allred's. I love it.

I LOVE this shawl. It can also be worn as a scarf and it is SO soft and elegant.

Same shawl as in previous picture - awesome, right?


  1. I was at my brother Gavin's house a week or so ago and my awesome sister-in-law was raving about "Dressing Your Truth" to her sister. I've always admired Callie's sense of style but she has been extra cute lately. She chopped her hair way short and got herself a bunch of new outfits and it was all her way of 'dressing her truth.'
    I was talking to Gavin while Callie and Mylie were conversing and my brother confided that during his extended hospital stay he watched a lot of the videos with his wife. "It's actually pretty cool." he said. He pegged me as a type 2 but I have yet to do the personality profiling for myself. (One of those things on my 'to do list' that I really should get done.)

    1. Fun! So great that Gavin has been exposed to the information - there's a Dressing Your Truth for Men course now, too. Dave is completely skeptical and wants nothing to do with it himself, but he was supportive in letting me do it. :) I'm no expert, but I wouldn't be surprised if type 2 were your dominant or secondary. The free course comes to your inbox daily for a week I think, and the videos are about ten minutes long if memory serves. So initially it doesn't have to be very time-consuming.

    2. I can also see a lot of type 1 in you as well. But take all of my opinions (and just about anyone else's) with a grain of salt, as one of the most worthwhile aspects of the system is self discovery - you are the one most likely to recognize accurately what type you are.

  2. Looks great, Rachael! I'm glad you've found something that works for you.


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