25 October 2013

Fun Friday: The Only Parenting Book You'll Ever Need (pretty much)

From the beginning of my parenting adventures I have felt strongly that no parenting book was going to be able to adequately tell me how to parent different children. No one approach was going to be successful for all children. The only parenting advice that I've been interested is that found in the scriptures, from Latter-day prophets and apostles, or the whisperings of the spirit. Those have served me quite well, and will continue to do so.

I have in the last year come across a tool for better understanding of self and others called energy profiling. I was introduced to it in a blog that I followed. The program I first learned about applied the principles of energy profiling to how a woman can dress; it's called "Dressing Your Truth," and I've really enjoyed it (there's now a similar program for men). I'll talk about that in another post sometime, but today I wanted to talk about a different application of the energy profiling system that I think is very worthwhile.

Recall that I feel that no one parenting approach is right for all children, and that's why I generally don't read parenting books. I've now found a book that I feel gives legitimate and helpful tools for parenting different children - and aren't they all? It's called, "The Child Whisperer," by Carol Tuttle. I don't yet own it, but I am definitely going to. Because it applies the principles of energy profiling, you can learn to parent each individual child in your home in a way that honors you and each of your children.

I think from the beginning of my parenting I've been kind of afraid of crushing my children's spirits. I have felt for some time that the way we came to the earth as children is the most authentic and most genuine version of ourselves, and I didn't want to change my children or make them feel as if they were somehow fundamentally wrong. I'm not saying that I think that we can't or shouldn't change from how we were as children . . . mostly I guess I just feel that we should be able to just improve upon it rather than fundamentally change it. The parenting approach in this book helps the parents recognize their children's gifts and help them manage their child's challenges. The approach is highly adaptable for individual children, and that's why it appeals to me. So, I recommend it to everyone! As it says in the book, it's never to late to be a better parent.

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