28 October 2013

Monday Musings: Too Many Blessings To Enumerate!

Yesterday in relief society the teacher asked what blessings we had received from being obedient. (insert cricket sound here) Eventually we got answers flowing, but the difficulty wasn't coming up with blessings (at least for me), but where to start? Which blessings didn't come from obedience?

I have good health because of following the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity.

I have financial security because of adhering to the law of tithes and fast offerings and following the counsel of church leaders to be prudent with our income.

I have a bachelor's degree because I followed the counsel of church leaders to get a good education.

I have joy in family life because I try to follow the principles outlined in the family proclamation.

I have hope that my family (the one I'm raising, the one I married into, the one I grew up in, etc.) will be mine and I will enjoy relationships with them forever because I have made and strive to keep sacred temple covenants.

I have love in my heart because I do my best to serve the people I am called to serve in various callings.

I have peace as I strive to love my neighbor as myself, as Jesus taught. Holding onto anger and hate leaves no room for peace in a person's heart, so I'm blessed as I allow the atonement to heal my heart of any and all hurts.

I could list a lot more, but this will do for now. There is an LDS hymn that says, "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." Some would view obedience to the laws of the gospel as a large sacrifice, and as a loss of choice. But I'm choosing to be obedient, and the truth is that gives me more freedom. I'm not enslaved to any addictive substances. My health is not being jeopardized by any sexually transmitted diseases. I'm not suffering from ignorance because I have an education. I don't feel tied down by my family because I know the blessings of doing it the Lord's way and of having the right perspective about the precious stewardship I've been given as a mother. I'm not obsessed with my needs and my wants because I am aware of and try to help others. So I'll keep on doing what I'm told to do because the ensuing blessings are too many to enumerate and too wonderful to miss.

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