12 April 2012

Three for Thursdays

Three things that I am grateful for from the year 2011:
  • Baby Enoch. He's just starting to get into things that he shouldn't right now, but he's so darn cute! Can't get very upset with him. He keeps giving me this cheeky grin when I tell him no. Trouble maker, much? haha
  • Had my very first and hopefully not only trip to Hawaii near the beginning of the year, and my lovely parents picked up the tab for most of it for me and most of my siblings. How nice is that?
  • Ran my first 5K. Started on a crazy journey to prepare for both a triathlon and a marathon. It's wonderful to feel fit and strong again!

Three things “I’d rather not”:
  • Have to pay for insurance. Because, it almost never fails that after putting all that money into it your insurance won't pay as much for needed coverage as it should. And it's darn irritating.
  • Deal with meltdowns from kids older than three. But that's exactly what happened yesterday morning. At least it doesn't often happen that Dietrich completely loses his cool. Ugh.
  • Mop any of my floors today. I have a system to keep my house decently clean, though - if I don't keep with it, things get overwhelming in a hurry!
Three Easter plans, traditions, or memories: 
  • I grew up with an Easter egg hunt similar to what I've seen on Pinterest lately. 12 eggs filled with a symbols and a scriptures about the Savior's atonement, crucifixion, and resurrection. And I love it.
  • My kids don't hunt for any eggs that are filled with candy. They hunt for these 12 eggs plus some dyed eggs that have letters on them revealing the location of the family Easter basket. It cuts down on the amount of candy and gifts for the holiday. Good for healthy bodies and pocketbooks. :)
  • Last year the kids' Friend magazine had an 8-day Easter countdown in it. I had it laminated so I could continue to re-use it. It has scriptures and summaries of the last week of Jesus' life. I just really want to make sure that the significance of the holiday is not lost in the Easter Bunny myth. 

Three sneaky things I do:
  • Eat various junk foods on the sly - meaning I don't let my kids see me and I don't share. Is that mean?
  • After the kids are asleep I almost always have some kind of dessert. The kids usually only have dessert 2-3 times a week. Maybe when they eat a variety of foods better (yes, including vegetables) I'll let them have dessert more often. hahaha
  • I occasionally make toys disappear from my house. What the kids don't notice won't hurt them. :D

Three things that I missed the boat on:
  • Since reading the massively popular book series that is "Twilight" I have avoided massively popular books (ie. Hunger Games). I didn't hate them, I read them all; I didn't think they were high-quality or above reproach in the nature of the material. So I'm basically sticking with classics now. That said, even some classics aren't really worth reading.
  • I also recently concluded that I just don't understand all the rage about retro. It's just not my thing.
  • Don't be fooled by my knitting and crocheting - I'm not really a crafter. Most handmade things that I have created I have hated! Because they're not perfect. I don't want to display my lack of crafty perfection in my house. :)
Three pictures: Speaking of Easter . . .
Relaxing after the hard work. ;)

Sweet baby.
Examining their spoils.

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