19 January 2012

Three for Thursdays

      Thanks to the person that I steal my prompts from. :)
Three things that turn my frown upside down: 
  • Music that makes me wanna dance. 
  • Enoch touching my face with his sweet baby hand.
  • Hearing my kids say, "I love you, Mother."
Three books I'm reading right now:
  • War and Peace. Really.
  • The Book of Mormon.
  • Preach My Gospel
Three things I can pat myself on the back for:
  • I got dinner for my kids before 6:30. Celebrating the little things. :)
  • I have continued to go running even though I have been both sick and tired.
  • I have given the service I committed to giving at the service gift exchange with the ward relief society. Go me!
Three things that worry me:
  • I've committed to myself to run a marathon this year. A marathon, people!
  • The amount of time it's taking for my baby to get over his cold. Poor little guy.
  • Making a big decision that may not be good for my family. It may also be really good for my family, but since I can't see into the future, it's kind of hard to know either way. :)
Three things I'm looking forward to in the year 2012:
  • Completing a marathon. Yes, it both worries and excites me. :) 
  • Christmas. I know, we just finished it but it wasn't as good for me as it should have been and I attribute it to making too many things myself . . . or at least starting on them too late. Don't get me wrong, my Christmas wasn't bad; I'm just looking forward to getting it right this year. 
  • Summer! School will be out, David won't be working, Dietrich won't be in school, and I'm in charge of my family reunion this year! That may be a teeny bit stressful, but mostly it'll be really fun. Because I'm in charge. hahaha
Three pictures:
Flashback . . . last year about this time I was getting ready to go to Hawaii. *sigh* I NEED to go again, but with David next time. :)

I don't remember the name of this falls, but the whole walk was full of this lush greenery. It was totally surreal.
Some of us in my family went on a downhill bike tour of some mountain on Hawaii. Again, surreal - I felt like I was in Hobbiton. :) My mom's in the front, my dad is following, and my younger sister and I are behind Dad.

Snapped these gorgeous water lilies with my pathetic camera phone. A teeny bit of editing helped. (see my reflection at the bottom?)

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  1. Big decision??? Oh that left us hanging. I hate big decisions. Come to think of it, I struggle with the little ones too, maybe more.


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