17 April 2012

Not so hypothetical

My facebook status for today:
 Hypothetically speaking, if you get bitten by a dog a) do you report it to the police, and b) do you go to the doctor? Let's say the dog is owned by someone whose children you know, the cut isn't deep, it's a small dog, and it's an indoor dog. Discuss.
Well, it really wasn't hypothetical. I was bitten by a dog this morning after my run. A dog that looks a lot like this:

Apparently this breed is a cairn terrier. They're little dogs. Some little dogs are really yippy, and seriously have a Napoleon complex. The offending dog may or not have this complex. He's new to our subdivision for one thing. He has come over to our property before to throw his weight around. I think he's trying to establish territory. Regardless, I gave him no good excuse to bite me.
I had just finished a run, so I was tired. I was literally right next to our property, on the side of the road just about to walk through our front yard. He approached swiftly, barking and putting up a big fuss. I was just walking, but I slowed down even more so he wouldn't feel that I was a threat. His owner was calling to him, but her back was turned to him. She hadn't arrived so recently that I'd seen her pull in as I was walking up, so I am absolutely certain that she had no idea that any other person was outside besides her. That dog ran around behind me and bit my leg. I shook him off and checked my pants for holes. It hurt, but the pants had no holes so I figured he hadn't broken skin.
He stayed in my yard for a second, continuing to bark at me like he was establishing that he was boss but I finally hunched over, growled and barked at him while I started to move towards him. I was kind of scared to do it b/c I wasn't sure he wouldn't attack me. But he ran away to his home after that. I was a little shaken but I went to my garage to open it, and while I waited for it I pulled up my pant leg to see if it was indeed just a scratch. Nope. I had an inch long cut! It wasn't dripping blood, but it wasn't just a scratch either.
This all took place within a very short period of time of course, but as I walked inside the garage I couldn't keep from crying a little bit, more because I was a little bit shocked and distressed about what I should do than because I was in pain. I don't really know our new neighbors, but I do know one of their daughters. She's in Dietrich's class and she's a cute little girl. I was aware that if I reported this incident to the police the dog would be euthanized. I didn't want to take responsibility for that. I had also intended, and had in fact made attempts to bring treats to our new neighbors to welcome them and tell them that their daughter (Mia) was welcome to come and play with Dietrich any time.
After briefly discussing it with Dave, and having him clean my wound and calming down a bit I went over to their house. I had almost sent Dave because I had been crying so I wasn't in a state to talk to anyone. But since I calmed down I went over, with treats in hand.
It's a part-Hispanic home, so I was a little afraid that there wouldn't be an English speaker home. I forgot to say my name, but after asking if she spoke English I told Mia's mom (who's name I also forgot to ask for) that I wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood and that Mia was welcome to come and play as I handed her the brownies. She thanked me and looked ready to close the conversation until I told her that I had one other thing to tell her, and awkwardly announced that her dog had just bitten me as I showed her the wound. She was distressed and got another daughter, Gabriela (who looked like a high-schooler, so I'm not sure why she was home). They felt bad, asked if they could do anything for me - take me to the doctor :) or anything. I said no, I just wanted to find out if this was the only time it's happened. It was, and they assured me that he would not be going outside without a leash any more. I told them that I didn't intend to report it because I knew that would result in the dog being put down and I didn't want to do it without doing some investigating first.
How's that for an odd story? I didn't even think to ask if his shots were current. I may ask later today. Maybe.
Note: Later found out that the woman I initially assumed was Mia's mom was actually her grandmother, and Gabriela was Mia's step mom.


  1. Good for you being brave and going to talk to her. Stuff like that is difficult for me, but she did need to know, so good job!

  2. yikes! that is always a sticky situation. as long as the dog has its rabies shot you should be fine :) I don't do well when a dog bites me. I had one bite me in school when I was in the vet tech program and I kicked the crap out of it. oops.


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