17 September 2012

Run a Marathon by the time I'm Thirty: Check!

Phase three of my plan is complete! I actually didn't get crazy nervous before it started. I had done the training, there was only one event to worry about and it was mainly a test of my mental endurance. It's certainly hard on the body (my walking looks a little ridiculous two days later), but it's really a mental battle. I think I managed my race well. I wasn't very fast, but I did finish strong. I actually did run the last couple of miles, and I even picked up my pace when the finish was in sight . . . I was SO desperate to be done. hahaha
At the halfway point I was feeling pretty good. I called my husband and told him that I thought I probably could finish as I had expected, which was in around five hours. A few miles later I changed my mind. :D
My strategy was to run 4 miles, walk five minutes for as long as I could. I did that through mile 16, and felt decent enough that I was hopeful I would be able to do it through mile 20. Between miles 18 and 19 I decided I couldn't quite pull it off, so I modified to running 2 miles and walking 5 minutes. I really didn't want to modify to running 1 mile and walking 5 minutes. Had it not been for my sister's appearance around mile 24, I probably would have done it anyway. She saved me! It buoyed me up so much to see her that I found the strength to run the rest of the way; my stride even improved a little. Ha! A little bit after that I heard a spectator comment, "She doesn't even look tired!" hahahaha
Here is the breakdown of my crazy long run. :) I was 86th in my division but the main detail is that my final time was 05:28:49.3. 

Pre-race with my friend, Emily (on the right) and her friend and running partner, Brittani (left).
The end is in sight!
Feeling like I can't get there fast enough.
Almost there!
I made it! The time here is the time it took me to get to the finish after the gun, but I didn't get past the start line for a couple of minutes. There were a lot of people, and I knew I wasn't going to be fast so I figured I should be near the back of the pack. :D


  1. Wow!! I am so impressed! That is awesome, congrats :)

  2. Dude, that is an awesome accomplishment. Next time around you should drag Dave out there with you.

  3. Congratulations! What an awesome thing to do!


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