22 September 2012

Ripened to the old age of . . . four

Right now, and for the last year or more Kate's dad has been one of her very favorite people. Her birthday is unfortunately timed, though because since it's in August high school sports practices are in full swing and keep him away from home for lots of hours since schools are not yet in session. This year was a little different, though. With all of the fires that were going on at the time, it's gotten pretty smokey in our little valley. So much so that games have been cancelled, and practices were rescheduled to be completed in the part of the day that was likely to be least smokey. So for this birthday, dad got to be home more than we expected. And Kate got to hang out with him at work (which she enjoys). She had a pretty good birthday.

This one just cracks me up!

With her birthday haul. :)

Happy birthday to Princess Kate!

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