17 May 2011

I have a plan

A few years ago David and I talked about running a marathon by the time we were thirty. The odd thing is, neither one of us really like to run. We both like to be fit, and for me at this time it seems that running is the way to go (with some weightlifting of course). So while I still don't really love running, it is something I can handle. I just want to do a marathon once, just to say that I've done it. I am approaching my 28th birthday, and nearing the end of my third pregnancy so I'm thinking the time is now to get serious about this plan. So my plan is something like this:

-Begin training for a marathon a.s.a.p. after I've had this baby
-Run a 5K in fall 2011; possibly this one.
-Do a triathlon in the spring or summer; possibly this one.
-Run a marathon in fall 2012, shortly after my 29th birthday.

Am I crazy? Possibly. Am I going to do it? Barring any crazy unforeseen circumstances, YES! Last year I signed up for a Turkey Trot and it was cancelled because of the weather (I didn't feel too bad about that b/c I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy). Hopefully that won't happen again this fall. I should probably find a 5K that happens sooner than Thanksgiving, but we'll see how well the postpartum recovery and fitness program goes. :D


  1. Good plan, Rachael. You can do this. I ran the Top of Utah marathon with Shanna several years ago and it was a beautiful course. And incredibly satisfying to do, too.

  2. Go Rachael! That sounds like an ambitious plan but I know that you are a special lady who will accomplish anything you put your mind to! Great plan! :)

  3. You're so awesome! GO for it. I really need to stop putting off my fitness goals - 'cause as I sit here, not as fit as I'd like to be, life is passing me by. Go - Do - Gain "life experience." Good luck with all the baby stuff :D

  4. You can totally do it. You may find through training that you might actually like running ;)

    I have the same goal as you - to run a marathon (not necessarily by 30 though). I'm hoping to run one in October. Good luck with your plan - and baby on the way.

  5. woohoo!! you can TOTALLY do it!!! ANYONE can run a marathon. (Especially since old fat guys beat me back when I ran the st. george in 2005). Good luck! And yes, I bet you will end up loving running.

  6. I am so not a runner too, so I definitely admire this goal! You can do it!! I'm excited to see how things go :)


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