16 May 2011

Our Little Artist

We're possibly biased, but we (David and I) think Dietrich is a pretty good little artist. His replication of what he sees is better than mine right now. Yes, I am a REALLY bad artist. Above is his rendition of a pirate ship. Look closely and you'll see crossbones on the flag. :) He's recently been a little obsessed with pirates. And he wrote his name himself, without any assistance on the spelling. Pretty good, right?

I don't recall precisely if he said this was a temple or a church. Rather colorful for either, but pretty fun, right?

He had written on the paper that this was Dietrich and Dad, but the words didn't scan in very well. Note the belly buttons. hahaha

This one should be pretty obvious - it's a school bus!

A ship - I think the whole family is on it, too.

Train . . .

and another train. Love it.


  1. Those are pretty darn awesome! I guessed most of them except I thought the church/temple was a rocket :) fun fun!

  2. Having worked with small children a lot, I can tell you unbiasedly that those really are awesome! His attention to details and his general command of shape/form are definitely beyond his just-five-year-old age. :) Thanks for sharing! I love kids' pictures.

  3. Yea! Thanks, Celeste for your unbiased feedback. That reinforces my own opinion. :D


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