12 May 2011

Allred Easter egg hunt

They were so much fun to watch this year. For one thing, the weather was much more pleasant than last. And they were both old enough to really get it.

Mostly, these two are good friends and are really hilarious to listen to and observe as they play together. Seriously, two are twice as much fun as one but they're not twice as much work! That's a win-win. :D

The eggs our children hunt for have no candy in them. We do actually do the hunt on Easter; as you might see in this picture,some of the eggs are numbered. Inside those eggs are scripture references and little objects that have to do with the Atonement. My parents did this in my family, and I thought it was great. The other eggs are the ones we dyed together, and they have letters to give a clue to the location for the family Easter basket (this year it was the "1/2 Bath". Got that idea from one of Dave's college buddies. Love it. So far, our Easter basket has included candy-filled eggs and some gifts from the LDS catalog; pocket-sized Books of Mormon, New Testament stories, Scriptural soundtracks, etc. It's working out pretty well for us. We cover the real meaning of Easter, and get some meaningful gifts to help us teach our children the gospel of Jesus Christ.

P.S. Also discovered this Easter that Dietrich really kind of enjoys hard boiled eggs! Wow! Now that's a snack that I'm more than happy to give him. :)

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