10 May 2011

Dietrich's 5th birthday

Per his request, a birthday banner, party hats, and birthday balloons. I was surprised he even made the request, and since all of these things were available at the local dollar store I saw no reason not to comply.

He was pretty pleased to see the decorations when he came downstairs.

His requested birthday breakfast?

"Gingerbread man" pancakes. His grandma made him some the last time we were in Preston; apparently, he was impressed. I'd never tried to craft pancake batter before, so I was a little nervous but it turned out just fine.

For lunch he had "chicken and fries" from McDonald's, and for dinner he had potato bar. He didn't actually request that (he couldn't think of anything when I asked him about dinner), but that's one evening meal that we've observed him eat with real enthusiasm.

After dinner it was time for his present.

He got armor - I was pretty sure that would be a hit, and I was totally right. Yea!

This is his double layer "Funfetti" cake. He requested a rainbow cake, and not wanting my life to be too difficult I asked if he'd be fine with one that just had lots of colors in it. When I showed him the boxed cake mix at the store, he was perfectly satisfied. *phew* Give me a break - I was two months shy of giving birth for this birthday! :) If he requests this one again, I'll put pudding with vanilla sandwich cookies in the middle; this time I just did Nilla Wafers, and of course they got so soggy in the pudding you couldn't even tell they were there. Just making a note to myself.

Sporting his awesome armor. I did think ahead enough to get Kate her own sword - I figured if I didn't there WOULD be conflict. I must say, that was a very smart move. haha

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  1. I can't believe he's 5! Looks like the perfect birthday!


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