18 August 2012

Phase Two Complete

So, remember my plan? Phase One was to complete my first 5K. I completed that sooner than I anticipated. Near the end of September I did a 5K in Idaho Falls. I felt a little ill at the end, but I felt pretty good about having completed it 2 1/2 months postpartum. I figure I'll do many more of these in the future, as well as 10Ks.
Well, last month I completed Phase Two: do a triathlon. With pictures for proof. :) David even did it with me.

Getting ready to go jump in a river.
Ready and a little bit nervous.

Post-race. I felt downright victorious. :)
I enjoyed this! I even felt while racing that I'd be willing to do it again, and was absolutely certain that I would at the end. As I approached the finish line I leaped - twice. :) I did not feel completely wiped out at the end, and I totally do after the long runs I've been doing for marathon training. Yick. I think the fact that I was running so much was good though, and I'll probably train for a half marathon in preparation for the next triathlon that I do. Obviously I would do that in addition to some quality cross-training for cycling and swimming. For the record, here are my times:
Final Time 03:04:23.2

1.5K Swim  00:22:16.125
40K Bike 01:24:31.591
10K Run  01:07:39.100
Phase Three is quickly approaching. I'm way excited to be done. I already know that I do not want to do another marathon. Ever. It's a serious time commitment, it's really hard on my body, and I still don't actually love running. I can tolerate it fine for up to eight miles or something. My current plan is to maintain fitness by continuing to run 3-6 miles 4x a week and participate in 5Ks, 10Ks, and triathlons as well as an occasional half marathon (maybe).

Note: David's Final Time was 02:44:25.8 for the triathlon. He was 31st in his division, and I was 41st in mine. David was disappointed with his run time, but his bike time was great! He had low expectations for the swim time since he's not a strong swimmer. Now he's determined to do it again, only better. :) He's a competitor, as much with himself as with anybody else.

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