12 August 2012

Big Man

Someone had a birthday . . .

How is he already one year old? I don't know either, but we sure do like him! He didn't celebrate his birthday at home because we were in Rexburg, Idaho for a family reunion, but he still had a pretty special day I think. Good enough for a kid who won't remember a thing. :)

He got more than one gift, but this one was kind of funny because he pretty much chose it himself. It had been at least a week since he picked it out in the store, and he was pretty thrilled to find it again.

Dietrich helped me choose Enoch's b-day cake. These are P.B. Brownie Buckeye Cupcakes. They were fabulous! 
The wind helped him blow out his candle. :)

He didn't even wait for the candle to be removed before swiping frosting and the p.b. cup. Guess Dietrich chose well for his little brother.

Nice and messy.

Carousel ride!

How great was it that the park had a carousel! My younger sister is going to BYU-Idaho, so she recommended it to us (and took most of these pics since I forgot our camera). They also had a splash park, but we weren't prepared for that. Cool public park though, right? Enoch loved the carousel. I don't remember how many times he went on it, but after the first ride he was upset that he had to get off. Fortunately, we paid for multiple rides and he was pleased as could be. I couldn't even get him to look at me because he was busy checking everything out. It was pretty fun! Happy birthday to my big man!

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