16 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to me!

I had a very pleasant Mother's Day. I prepared my awesome breakfast, and my even awesomer dessert the previous afternoon. Church was lovely - both of my kids sang "Mother I Love You" with the ward primary (first time for both of them even though Dietrich is six - I cried a little bit). I signed up to have the missionaries over for dinner so we started getting dinner ready a couple of hours after we got home from church. We had grilled pork prepared like this, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and lettuce wraps (spinach leaves wrapped in a romaine lettuce leaf, dipped in ranch). It was a fabulous dinner! And dessert was so rich one of the elders couldn't finish his serving. :) Pretty sure I'm going to make that dessert a Mother's Day tradition.
My gifts were not all received on Mother's Day. I got the road bike a couple of weeks before, but it was close enough that I decided it was a Mother's Day gift - especially b/c even though we got a good deal it was pricey (to me). The Wii game I bought the week before b/c I wanted it and there was a great deal on it, but I saved it for Mother's Day to show my kids. Totally worth it. I ordered the crocheted slippers a month previous (but didn't get them until today) and said they could be from my kids. haha So, yeah I'm just in the habit of getting what I want (or a few things anyway) and finding an occasion for it to be gifted.
But I especially loved the bike b/c it represents perfectly how wonderful my spouse is and how he supports me as his wife and mother of our children. I was not determined at all to have a road bike or even a new bike of any kind for the triathlon that I'm doing, but David insisted on it. He also has been (and continues to be) completely supportive and helpful as I prepare for it and the marathon. And I'm so grateful. He could have easily told me that I shouldn't bother with these lofty goals and I would have yielded without much fuss or regret, but he didn't. He didn't even think it. Therefore, I officially dedicate these races to him because he's the person that made me feel like I was capable of doing these things in the first place. I also dedicate the marathon to my sister-in-law, Julie. She was the first person that I knew personally to complete a marathon (I was there at the finish line and watched her during the race), and although at the time I said to myself that I would never do one :), I super admired her for doing it. And if I hadn't witnessed her doing it I can't imagine that the idea to do it myself would ever have entered my head.

Me with my "new" used road bike.

Closer look - shoes included. :)

Crocheted slippers - I also got the pattern. W00t!

"Family Gift." After Dietrich's b-day, I decided I wanted it and we needed it. haha


  1. Awesome!! Looks like a great bike.

  2. Sounds like a great day to me! :) That dessert!!! Mmmm...I am trying to cut back on desserts and that is NOT helping. :)

    We bought Just Dance 3 for a ridiculous reason--the "Robin Sparkles" song ("Let's Go to the Mall"--it's a fake song from a character on "How I Met Your Mother" and it cracks us up to hear it like it's the real deal!). So funny. But the game is super fun. :)

  3. haha I had no idea it was even on there, but it made me laugh a lot that it was. :)


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