18 May 2012

Me, Through My Child's Eyes

I've got to say, it is really fun to have a young elementary student. He's enthusiastic about learning, imaginative, creative and his life is free of angst and drama. :) I don't know how long I can expect it to last, but for now he's very loving and very generous in his judgement of his mother - thank heaven! The Friday before Mother's Day he excitedly walked out of school with a self-decorated gift bag full of things for me which I had to wait to open until Mother's Day (as he instructed). One of the things inside was this:

It got a little messy from the flower pot that he painted, but if you're not sure what this is, it's a paper handbag. With his watercolor of a flower on it. It's cute, but what was inside was even better. It's a book about me, entitled, "My Mother: A True Story" by Dietrich. The contents made laugh quite a bit. The underlined parts are what he told his teacher:
 My mom is happy when I listen to her and just say "okay". My mom's favorite color is yellow. My mom really likes to celebrate birthdays. My mom always forgets to clean the kitchen. What I really like about my mom is she helps me with my homework when I forget. My favorite things to do with my mom are play with her and give her presents. I love it when my mom lets fun people come over to my house. My mother's hair is brown. She is as tall as a giraffe. She weighs about 26 pounds. My mom's eyes are brown. My mom looks best when she wears a purple shirt, jeans, and black shoes.
He also drew a picture of me and pictures of the contents of my purse, which included: a container of mints, my cell phone, and money. :) I had to laugh over the fact that I am apparently as tall as a giraffe . . . and weigh only 26 pounds. Also, I must not keep the kitchen very clean in his opinion. If Kate's future kindergarten teacher doesn't have her do something like this, then I'm going to have to make David do it because this was just too funny. I loved it so much!

This was also in the gift bag from Dietrich. I'm totally keeping this. I mostly take pictures of his school work and then toss it, but I'm keeping this until I die!
This is the pot of flowers he painted. It's a good thing his dad remembers to water things because it would have already been dead - plants just don't stand a chance with me!
This was a card that Kate made at the library.

The inside of the card Kate made. If you can't see the words, click on the picture - this is pretty cute.

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  1. That story of you by Dietrich is so cute! That will bring lots of
    Laughs for years to come.


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