01 December 2011

Three for Thursdays: December already?

 Three things I do on December 1st (traditionally or just for today):
  • Put up the Christmas countdown I got from "The Friend" last year.
  • My good friend, Elise told me that they use some of their Halloween candy every year to make a Christmas countdown with plastic wrap and ribbons. Brilliant. So I put that up today, too.
  • Today I made chicken noodle soup. Mmmmm. Crock pot version. I love that little appliance.

Three “blessings” I’m grateful I do NOT have:
  • A large house. Would I like a bigger one than I currently have? Yes, but not a lot bigger. Not enough time or motivation to clean a bigger house. 
  • Being pregnant. I love my children, and I'm very grateful that so far becoming pregnant has not been our challenge. But my! do I love not being pregnant. :)
  • In some ways I'm glad that our garden has not produced a bountiful harvest. Someday I hope to be able to have enough home grown produce to bother canning it, but I'm kind of glad I didn't this year. Or last year. hahaha

Three things I spend waaay too much time doing:
  • Checking stuff on the internet, like fb and my iGoogle page. But I'm doing better! I've been exercising much more self-control lately. Could hardly do less after reading this. I really felt chastened after reading this message from the most recent LDS general conference. 
  • Thinking. Ha! Okay, that's totally a joke. I have a "nothing box" and I go there frequently. Don't know what that is? Watch this. If it doesn't make you laugh . . . well, that's just weird.
  • Getting annoyed with my kids. They're good kids, and my fuse is too short many times. Working on that, too. :)

Three things that Reese Witherspoon and I have in common:
  • Ummmm . . . 
  • I've got nothing.
  • Really.

Three fads I find absolutely 100% ridiculous:
  •  Skinny jeans. In my opinion, no fully grown woman looks good in them (unless she has absolutely no curves, like a little girl), and no man of any size does either. No offense intended. I still totally love you if you have chosen to embrace this fad. hahaha
  • Feather and "bling" extensions for the hair. I just don't get it. Again, no offense to any of you who have or have had these. :) Can we still be friends?
  • The blog I get this prompt from responded Twitter for one of hers. Ditto. Really, fb is absurd enough but to me, Twitter is just beyond bizarre. I do participate in fb, but I will NOT participate in Twitter. Side note to Terrianne: I'm pretty sure I have commas in all kinds of wrong places. I have read your blog post (loved it!), but I need to study it more.

Three pictures:
Winter on David's mission. Ride that frozen bear!
This year marks our seventh wedding anniversary. Simultaneously feeling "Is that all?" and "That long already?" haha
Yes, I was pregnant when we celebrated our first wedding anniversary together. Doesn't make for great pics, but we were really excited!

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  1. while I definitely love skinny jeans with boots, i HATE feather/bling stuff!!!! I don't get it and SO many of my friends wear them. It is fine I guess on a teenager but a grown woman? so weird. whatever! I should probably start doing these prompts. i love reading yours!


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