05 December 2011

Show and Tell

I LOVE getting projects finished. I feel like I mentioned awhile ago that I was crocheting afghans for my kids. I thought I'd share the final result. Kate's didn't get finished until last week. I was trying really hard to finish them before Enoch came. Dietrich's was, but Kate's wasn't - in fact, I was crocheting hers when I was waiting to go in labor at the hospital. :)

This is Kate's. Purple is her favorite color, plus it matches her bedspread made by her great grandmother.

The edging is Red Heart pomp-a-doodle yarn. Isn't it fun? The pattern is also Red Heart's.
Dietrich's favorite color is not green, but it matches his bedspread also made by his great grandmother. She quilts a lot.
A closer look at Dietrich's. This is a Red Heart pattern, too. It is altered a little bit b/c I wanted it bigger. My alterations made the pattern inconsistent, but it works.

I didn't make this last gem, but it's been on the to-do list a long time. I got it custom-framed for around $60! That's kind of amazing when the thing is about three square feet. I didn't get it done at a custom framing place. My Mom helped get this one done. She commissioned the frame at a cabinet shop, and the glass from a paint and glass store. I don't think I'll ever do custom framing in the usual way again! Completely unaffordable even with 60% off. I was so excited by this alternative - thanks Mom!

This piece of decor has been waiting to go on display for some time. It's in the master bedroom and my husband hung it up this last weekend. LOVE IT!


  1. The frame turned out great! The blankets are beautiful too! Kate's is especially adorable!

  2. wow! i love love love the blankets and the frame is awesome!


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