23 June 2011

3 For Thursdays

Again, the prompt was created by Katy at The House of Estrogen. If you're wondering why I continually add that, it's because there's a giveaway associated with my doing this. I don't even know what for - I'm primarily interested in the prompt, but I figured that as long as I was doing it I may as well make myself eligible for some free stuff, right?

1. Three types of weather experienced in my area this week and what I did on those days
  • Yesterday I think was the hottest of the year in Hailey (79 degrees). That evening some big storm clouds rolled in and really put out some good moisture for a little bit before moving on and letting the sun shine for a while longer before sunset. I primarily stayed inside. I did an elliptical workout in the morning, and did some small shopping in town for a baby shower I'm helping with this evening. Since I start swelling (right now) when it's hotter than 70, I mostly just try to stay cool.
  • Sunday was Father's Day and the weather was cloudy in the morning, but by the time church was over the sun had come out and it was beautiful. A great day for my husband to grill his steaks prepared in a chili-lime rub. The meal also included roasted vegetables (red potatoes, bell peppers, onions), whole-wheat dinner muffins, and banana split creme pie for dessert. YUM! He also had a pretty good breakfast - hash browns, eggs, blueberry muffins, and o.j.
  • Tuesday must have been the first day of the year to really get over 70 degrees; by the evening I had fat ankles and sausage toes. I did laundry that day, and had an appointment with my OB's nurse practitioner. I was dilated to a 1.5 and 40% effaced . . . but we all know that means pretty much nothing in terms of guessing when baby's gonna get this show on the road. :)
2. Three home decor items that I own and treasure
Um, I'm going with groups of items really.
  • My bed - bedding included. One of the only pieces of furniture that we own that we purchased brand new. I love the geometric cutouts in the frame. LOVE them. When I am finally able to do every room in my home exactly the way I want to, there will be a fair amount of geometric shapes featured.
  • All of my sunflower decor: a plate for display, a sunflower legend (framed), a "carpet" (made by a sister-in-law) that we use to pray on together as a family, a cool framed photograph of a field of sunflowers, and someday soon a table runner for our newly acquired coffee table that's been refinished in a black stain. The family room is designated as being the sunflower room.
  • A fabric print from my sister that has cherry blossoms on it.
3. Three favorite holidays
  • Christmas - who doesn't love it. There really is something kind of magical about that time of year, and when you have kids it's even better!
  • Independence Day - I love the fireworks (I'm still charmed by sparklers), and I love the significance of the day. Having the freedom to exercise my agency the way the Lord intended is really a tremendous blessing.
  • I'm having a hard time choosing between Thanksgiving and Easter. Thanksgiving I love b/c of the food, but Easter is the celebration of the gift of immortality! Wow. How cool is that?
4. Three accomplishments from the high school years
Wow. This is unexpected. Let's see . . .
  • I was the first place winner in two different Bennett Cup competitions (it's a local music competition). My junior year I took first in the strings portion, and my senior year I took first in the vocal portion. Both years I was a little surprised, but my friends weren't; both times my friends told me I should sit nearer the front of the auditorium so it wouldn't take so long for me to walk to the front when they called my name, and I didn't listen either time b/c I was that uncertain that I would place at all. haha
  • It was either one or two years before I entered high school that a ballroom dance team was created. I was the first female freshman to make the team, and up until my senior year that was still unusual (I think only one other freshman girl made it a different year - if at all). But then senior year just about half of the team were freshmen (boys and girls) so it was less cool after that. :)
  • I earned an academic letter at least one year. Did I ever go to the office to claim it? Nope. I wasn't going to get a letterman's jacket, so why would I? I kind of wish I had though. Oh well - I won't lose any sleep over it.
5. Three phobias
This is a tough one, too - there's not really much that I'm afraid of. But I'll give it a shot.
  • Losing my husband while he's young. That's one of the few things that make me cry just thinking about it. That and losing my kids. I know I'd survive and I'd take comfort in the knowledge that I have about eternal families, but having to go through the rest of mortality without some member of my little family (my husband particularly) really just makes me sick to think about.
  • Dying an excruciatingly painful death. I feel like I handle pain fairly well, but I'd rather not have to. :) But who would ask for a painful death? Something quick would be really good. haha
  • Having some creep hurt my children. I shudder to think about what it would be like to deal with that. I'm not sure I'd have the strength to forgive someone for that. Yick - let's move on; it's too awful to consider.
6. Three favorite breakfast foods
  • Waffles with ice cream and berries - betcha knew that one was coming, or at least some of you did. :)
  • Hash browns and fried eggs - I know, that's two, but they go together like a wink and a smile.
  • Crepes with tapioca pudding and berries. I pretty much never get this one anymore. I can and have made crepes, but my husband doesn't like tapioca pudding (not even homemade) so I don't make it. That means I don't get it. *sigh*
7. Three random habits (good or bad, silly or sad)
  • Checking my email/facebook more than once a day. It's not an addiction, but if I got to be in a bad emotional place I can see it going there.
  • I shave my lower leg every week, but my upper leg only every two weeks. How's that for random? :)
  • I don't wear makeup most days, but I do curl my eyelashes almost daily. If I can help it, I don't leave the house without doing that. My eyelashes are mostly black so I don't need mascara for the color. That's my little vanity habit.
8. Three favorite scents
  • Rain
  • Freshly baked goods with chocolate in them
  • My husband - so that's pretty much the smell of soap, his deodorant, and his shaving cream. :)
9. Three bits of advice for newlyweds
  • NEVER say anything less than positive about your spouse to other people (particularly your mom), even in jest. I personally am turned off when other women complain about their husbands.
  • Don't allow children to take precedence over your relationship with your spouse. Your relationships with your children are important, but your spouse should be number one - or at least number two (after the Lord).
  • The first year or two will be a bit of a learning curve; be patient. If you keep the right perspective you can learn a lot from each other and things will just get better with time. When you have disagreements, make sure you consider just in what points YOU may be wrong.
10. Three pictures

This cute little crocheted tea set was made by me! I am awesome. :) I made it for my Kate. She'll be turning three in August (!!!) and I had to make sure I got it made before her baby brother arrives, cuz I think I'll be on a bit of a learning curve dealing with three little people, one of which will be nursing every 2-3 hours. I can hardly wait to give it to her. My mom has a little cloth tea set and the last time we were at my parents' house Kate carried that set everywhere! I'm fairly certain she'll be pleased with her gift.

One of my favorite home decor items: my bed. The actual frame I LOVE, and I LOVE the bedding. The scattered cherry blossoms in a tulle sack are a recent addition created by yours truly. I had to make it up (which was tricky, as my sewing skills are meager) - as far as I know this is an original idea, so of course there is no pattern. I despise floral patterned material generally, but I love flowers - and artificial flowers are pretty darn close. Why cherry blossoms in the master bedroom? See next photo.

This is another treasured piece of home decor - I just haven't figured out how to display it yet. My sister gave me this for Christmas a few years ago. Cherry blossoms are practically a part of my identity. My mom gave all of her children nicknames that had absolutely nothing to do with their given names; mine was "charming cherry blossom". And she actually called me that, so you can see why it's part of my identity. Anyway, I hadn't necessarily planned on having a cherry blossom themed room in my house (yellow is my favorite color, pink is really NOT). But cherry blossoms are really sweet, and with little splashes of blossoms, and this little gem from my sister to get more than pink in my color scheme I thought it would be very appropriate for a master bed/bath. Dark colors for a sleeping place y'know. The colors of our bedding were inspired by this cute thing. Now I just need to figure out a way to display this on my wall in a way that doesn't break the bank. (suggestions are welcome)

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  1. Seriously amazed at the tea set! I didn't know you knew how to crochet!

    My kids don't like tapioca either. Recently I've been looking up and trying other fillings like the one we had in Hawaii. Look up cheese blintz and see what you come up with. Let me know if you try one that works great. I haven't yet. They go great with the berries still anyway.


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