17 June 2011

3 For Thursdays

I'm a day late, but that's okay. This week's prompt is once again provided by The House of Estrogen.

1. Three things I accomplished this week

  • Made whole wheat bread
  • Made "Six-week muffins," so named b/c the batter can last six weeks, refrigerated in an air-tight container. The recipe is quite large, so I just go ahead and bake it all up, cool them all down, and pack them in freezer bags to use later. It's SO great to have a healthy and satisfying snack available to just grab postpartum. Makes getting a handle on having a new addition just a little bit easier.
  • I washed the outside of as many of the windows that I could reach. Really.
2. Three things I want to do this summer
  • Have a baby.
  • Go to my family's reunion.
  • Go to my 10-year h.s. class reunion.
3. Three colors used at my wedding
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
4. Three things I find repulsive
  • Stinky towels. Towels seem to acquire a perma-smell, which I totally hate. But I love summer so I can line dry my towels. For a few glorious months of the year I can fearlessly use my towels. :)
  • Canned spinach. Way to ruin a perfectly good vegetable.
  • Cigarette smoke. Eew.
5. Three things I like most about my body
  • I love that it's healthy and functional. Can't be grateful enough for good health. I am somewhat limited in my movement right now (some things are just too painful to do, even for me), but for being within weeks/days of delivery I am remarkably mobile. I'm SO glad.
  • I'm quite fond of my 'calves.' I'm rather vain about the fact that I have a well-defined lower leg, as opposed to a 'cankle'. Is that weird?
  • While I don't always get along with my hair in terms of styling, I do love my natural color. It's a nice, rich brown color, and in the sunshine you can see just a touch of red in places.
6. Three chores I make my husband do
  • Ummmm . . . I don't make him do anything. I occasionally ask him to do things, and he occasionally does things w/o being asked (isn't that great?). If I were to make him do anything on a regular basis, it'd be vacuuming. I don't know why, but that's one of my least favorite chores.
  • Mow the lawns, even though the poor guy suffers from allergies. He's never asked me to do it for him, though. He's a 'tough it out' kind of guy. :)
  • All other yard work. I occasionally weed, but he's primarily in charge of keeping the yard tidy and alive. I'm pretty good at killing plants, actually so it's much better this way anyway.
7. Three recipes
All of the following recipes are from the same site, "Our Best Bites". I highly recommend this one - I've really enjoyed everything I've tried.
  • Asian Lettuce Wraps - if you're really not a fan of soy sauce, this recipe may not be one for you. I don't think it's soy sauce heavy, but my husband is not really a fan of soy sauce in general. I, however LOVED this recipe. If my man liked it, it would have a regular appearance on my spring/summer menu.
  • Chili-Lime Steak salad
  • Reese's p.b. bars (no bake) - LOVE! And no bake means that I can get my choc./p.b. fix in the summer w/o overheating my house. Win-win!
8. Three favorite flavors of ice cream
  • Ben & Jerry's p.b. cup
  • Dreyer's Butterfinger
  • Ben & Jerry's chocolate macadamia nut OR chocolate peanut butter . . . or dulce de leche - I LOVE ice cream, so it's kinda hard to choose my favorites. :D
9. Three animals I'd like to have (maybe not all at the same time)
I am anti-indoor animals.
  • Dog
  • Beef cow
  • Cat, maybe? If I had a mouse problem.
10. Three pictures

Me with the father of my children. Man, he's hot! AND he's a man that I can be pleased with my sons modeling. Really, every girl deserves a man as good as mine.

I didn't want to crop it, but the picture to focus on here is on the bottom right. Me with my dad (in lieu of Father's Day). Also a very handsome man - but even better, a really good man. I love my dad.

My cute kiddos. Overall, they're pretty good friends. My Kate will miss her brother when he goes to kindergarten next year, but at least we'll have a little brother for her at home by then. :)


  1. What a cute picture of you and your Dad! I never knew you when you were that small - you're so cute! (But your Dad looks about the same ;)

    I'm going to have to try those P.B. Bars.

    I remembered your recommendation for the Steak Salad so I checked it out, hoping to make it for dinner one day, all I had were the steaks and the lettuce. I guess I'd better plan ahead if I want to try that one!

    Thanks for playing, you're great!!

  2. i love this!

    haha i can TOTALLY remember orchestra and that performance...since it was probably my only one :)


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