16 February 2011

Baby Allred version 1.3

is a boy! I'm totally excited; I'm crazy enough that if I could choose I would alternate genders every baby, and I have specific reasons for that desire. I forgot (until someone reminded me) to make the announcement via blog. It also hasn't been made via my mass email. I got a big long roll of pictures from the ultrasound, but not all of them are worthwhile posting and sadly enough I just haven't gotten around to cutting them apart and scanning them into the computer. :) Maybe I'll put that on the to-do list for today. haha


  1. I'd like to know what was so traumatic about having sisters on either side of you! I was glad my girls would have a best friend always!

  2. hahaha I wouldn't go so far as to say that it was traumatic, b/c I'd say that implies somewhat lasting damage . . . and that doesn't precisely apply to me. :) But you certainly can't deny that things got unpleasantly testy at times. My number one concern about being an R.A. was that I HATE drama, but my first year was virtually drama-free. Second year was not, and that was really stressful for me.


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