19 January 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

I tried posting about this earlier, but my pictures weren't loading. A friend of mine said that whoever designed the blogging interface must hate human kind. I agree - rearranging the pictures is an outrageous process. And why wouldn't my pictures load? Anyway, we spent Christmas Eve at a friends house and they traditionally do a nativity play. Our kids were too cute in the costumes!

Kate as the angel - probably the cutest one ever. :)

Dietrich as a shepherd. Love it!

Here they are in their Christmas Eve pj's. There's a cat on Kate's shirt so she's in the middle of a "meow". hahaha

Kate was apparently impressed by the contents of her stocking. (can you see the mouth rounded into an, "Ooh!"?)

You can't see his face, but Dietrich was pretty darn thrilled with this gift.

Can't say I blame him. It's pretty fun! I played the Iron Man song while he opened his present. He loves it!

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  1. Cutest angel ever? NO DOUBT. And pretty cute shepherd too. Lovely photos, Rachael!

  2. oh my gosh your kids are just too cute!! sounds like a great Christmas! I am loving the ironman mask!

  3. Hey there. Are you guys going to have boy or girl for your next one?


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