17 August 2010

Kate's two!

I can't believe she's already two! She's so fun. She loves her big brother and her daddy. Generally she's sweet but when she decides there's a problem she communicates it quickly and loudly! :) She gives great hugs and has the funniest grin. We can't imagine life without her! Kate's big day included: cinnamon rolls, playing in our sand box, potato bar, ben & jerry's, a "dress up trunk", and a picnic at the playground. Enjoy the slideshow!


  1. Couldn't watch the video (it's private), but look at that adorable two-year-old! All those cute curls. Happy birthday, Kate! :)

  2. Ha! Thanks Celeste - I'm still a newbie on YouTube so I didn't know how that would work. It should now I think. :D

  3. Cinamon rolls in both of the last two blogs...I'm going to have to figure out a way to get my hands on those someday.


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