31 July 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Yep, I know I'm majorly behind, but I finally got things switched from our old computer to our new. So posts will keep on coming now. I'll be predating some of them. My oldest sister and her family came to visit us. They weren't here for long; in fact, Sunday was the only full day they were here I think. It was fun though! We just didn't get to show them around our area. But with good food and good company you can't mess it up. :)
My sister's oldest son, D.J. He had fun lining the cars up neatly for awhile.

Dietrich and his cousin Ty jammin' out on my clavinova. They were just so funny to watch. Ty is the youngest (but not for long). He's an excellent reader. We played Family Feud, and Ty did all the reading. He did great!

Hunter's the middle son. Here he's finishing off his homemade cinnamon roll with milk. Yep, I said homemade cinnamon roll. Don't you want to come stay with us, too? We love visitors. :D


  1. If you're making homemade cinnamon rolls, I'm coming!
    I've never been brave enough to try that.

  2. You've never been brave enough to try that? I thought you were the world's bravest cook/baker. The homemade cinnamon rolls are even whole wheat . . . come visit for sure! I promise you cinnamon rolls. :D


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