29 August 2010

July 4th . . . er, 3rd

Since the 4th was on a Sunday, we had our family fireworks party the day before. Sparklers were great - Kate hated the noise of the rest. :D

Check out Kate's expression in this one - isn't it hilariously cute?

Sparklers were my favorite as a kid. I still like them a lot, but of course I didn't get to play with any. :D Like my kids would share with me. haha They had fun though and that's just as good as playing with the sparklers myself.

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  1. It has been fun to read your comments on my blog. Aren't blogs great at catching up with what people are doing? Look at your kids! They are so cute :) One thing I am looking forward to as a parent is reliving the magic of being a child . . . like playing with sparklers!


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