13 April 2009


The kids' "Easter basket" included Kung Fu Panda and pocket-size Books of Mormon. We had a short session of scripture study last night and Dietrich stayed with us much better with his own scriptures in his hands! He really enjoyed what we had for him on Easter morning, and Kate really enjoyed playing with the emptied plastic eggs. We had a little egg hunt for Dietrich with about 15 eggs, only 3 of which had candy in them. The rest were numbered and had scriptures and objects that referred to the atonement and the resurrection. And Dietrich listened pretty well for that. I kind of wondered if he'd be bugged by the lack of candy in those eggs, but he found the objects interesting so he was really good about it! He really is a pretty good little boy.

This is Kate's Easter dress I guess. My sister-in-law got it for her (thanks, Amy!) and it just happened that she could fit into this size (12 mos), so I brought it out for the holiday. Isn't she sweet? Those rolls on her arms just kill me. You can't really tell in this picture how curly her hair can get, but it's really fun. I add a little bit of product and tease it for Sundays. Darn, she's cute!

Dietrich didn't have a special outfit, but he wanted his picture taken. Isn't this face he's making funny? He's kind of a clown. I love my silly boy. And Kate simply adores him.


  1. oh! I so love the picture of Kate and her rolls. SOOOO cute! YOu have adorable kids. glad you had a great easter!

  2. Yay for little girls in Easter dresses! so cute! That's a good idea for the Easter Egg hunt to include scriptures. It helps the kids focus on what Easter is really all about; I like it!

  3. What a darling mom! Fun Easter activities. And I still love that pic!


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