11 April 2009

My how time flies . . .

To the observant Allred blog viewer, it will not have escaped your notice that there is a new pic of Dietrich on the side here. That's because he had his 3 years photo session today! Follow this link to check out the other poses that were captured:


And, any ideas on what I can do for Dietrich's b-day when I hope to be almost completely packed by that date?


  1. he is so cute! I can't believe he's 3 already!

  2. Should I take my 28-year pictures :) j/k Why would I want a picture right now? I'm huge! I wouldn't worry too much about his birthday. At 3 he still doesn't care. For Hana's since we were just moving in we kept the gifts small. (Think car activities or Sunday books). I didn't even make a cake. We took the family to Chuck E Cheese and they had a great time. A bike ride and a playground would have been just as good, but it was February and cold here and we didn't have our bikes yet. At three they are still happy with whatever they get. It's great!

  3. He's cute, Rachael. Love the new pictures.


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