20 April 2009

Doctor's appointment

My kids had a check-up today - Kate's included immunizations and a blood draw, but she handled it very well. Kate is 22.8 lbs. - so I think she finally gained less than a pound between visits. She's in the 60th percentile for height, and the 95th percentile for weight.
Dietrich struggled the most with the easiest parts - weighing and measuring! He saw Kate do the other stuff first so I think that reassured him. Overall he handled it well also. He's nearly 37 inches and he weighs 33 lbs. They're both healthy little kids. What more can a mom ask for?


  1. We need to go get immunizations. It sounds like there's a whole bunch Tate needs to get before starting kindergarten. I'm hoping to do it in a few visits and not all at once - I know how much I dislike needles so doing it to them makes me feel so sad!

    I'm glad your kids are healthy!!

  2. That's great, Rachael. I'm glad your kids are doing well. They sure are cute.


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