30 April 2009

Happy Birthday

When Dietrich woke up he came out to the front room and found
this trike - and he was thrilled! (Thanks Randy and Teresa)

Later, when he went to look in the movie drawer, he found one that was all wrapped up - and it turned out to be CARS! Another welcome surprise for our three year-old.
Who needs cake when you've got your own individual Ben & Jerry's? He loved blowing out the candles.
MMmm . . . Cookie Dough. And just the right size for our little guy. His day also included an outing to the playground - despite the rain. He got chicken nuggets for lunch, and pizza for dinner. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot! :-)


  1. I second that submission that life just can't get better. What a great day for a cute boy!!

  2. how fun! if dietrich is anything like ethan, "cars" will be one of his prized possesions :). i just have to say those rolls on kate's arms are amazing! i should post a picture of the rolls on henry's thighs, they're quite comparable.


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