22 January 2009

Give credit where credit is due . . .

First of all, those of you who know me very well at all must surely be surprised that I have chosen a background with pink on it. I decided that in honor of the upcoming holiday (Valentine's Day) I would give it a shot. I actually kind of like it. But rest assured, you still won't see me wearing pink (except for some pj's that I got for Christmas). Thank heavens that red is equally as festive as pink for Valentine's Day. I enjoy being festive.
Anyway, I was thinking awhile ago about how Dave and I came about. Neither of us can actually remember the first time we met, and there has been more than one person who has tried to take credit for our coming together. Well, I think we've decided who actually gets the credit. It's a friend of ours from Preston whom I will call "GaBell."
As I said before neither one of us recalls when we first met . . . although I am sure it was in Sunday school in the Preston 9th ward. Here is what I do recall:
Near the beginning of my freshman year of high school my family and I were still living in a duplex while our home was being built across town by the golf course. I think we were in Preston 1st ward. GaBell was in my ward and lived quite close to me, as did his best friend at the time. GaBell's friend and his step brother came to my house one day to "ask me out" for him (I think they were not instructed to do so). I initially resisted because I knew I'd get into trouble for having a boyfriend. At any rate I eventually agreed after swearing them to secrecy, afraid that word would reach my older sister and subsequently my parents. We went "out" for five days. Each of those five days I went to school fully intending to break up with him (I felt bad about deceiving my parents), and found myself unable to do so. On the fifth day I tried to persuade his best friend to do it for me, but he made me do it myself. Fortunately, I didn't break GaBell's heart when I did so. We remained friends and moved on to other romantic interests.
A little before Halloween my family and I moved to our new home. In a note, GaBell told me that I would be in "Big Dave's" ward. And I thought to myself, "Who is Big Dave?" Then on my first Sunday in the ward I went to Sunday school. When Dave was introduced I thought, "So that's 'Big Dave.' Hmm . . . he's not very big." haha I suppose you could say that's the first time we met, however I'm almost certain that we never spoke until the Preston 10th ward was created (shortly after we moved) and we were both in it. So I'd say it doesn't really count. The real beginning of our interactions was in the 10th ward. But GaBell gets credit because he made me take note of Dave the first time I met him. I'm pretty sure I also thought Dave was handsome when I first moved in, but he was so reserved (I initially thought it was shy), so for the rest of our Sunday school experience I endeavored to always sit next to him and get him to talk to me. Kind of a challenge, you know? I've heard that girls are suckers for the strong and silent type. Apparently I was. :-)
So thanks goes out to GaBell! Dave is my favorite person ever, and he continues to put up with me and convincingly act like he still likes me. :-) He's a really great dad, a really hard worker, and is full of integrity and always strives for excellence. Thank heavens I married someone who is truly self-motivated; I'm not motivated enough to push him and myself. :-D haha I love you, hon. You're the best.


  1. Rachael, I love the story! It's great, "Big Dave". I'm glad you're together!

  2. hmm, I always thought you wanted to sit by me in Sunday School! I should have paid attention to who was on your other side!!
    I agree, getting Dave to talk to you (especially if you happened to be a girl) was like pulling teeth!
    My Awesome Brother Brady likes to take credit for helping Dave "come out of his shell" a bit, by convincing him to try out for Ballroom with him. But I donno, I'm just glad that I've had the opportunity to know both you AND Dave for so long! - I'm so lucky!!

  3. So I rarely read these blog things, and me reading this was completely out of chance. The thing is, I have a sneaky feeling that this post is somehow about me! I feel honored to be given credit for your celestial relationship.


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