07 April 2008

A-Z to know about me . . .

a- attached or single: attached and a half; I really, really like my man
b- best friend: David Reid Allred
c- cake or pie: Mostly pie
d- day of choice: Sunday
e- Essential item: my scriptures (it seems I am incapable of being patient without reading some everyday)
f- favorite color: yellow
g- gummy bears or worms: worms – red and white are the best!
h- hometown: Preston, ID
i- indulgence(s): Reading, ice cream
j- January or July: July – no waterskiing in January
k- kids: one out and getting big, one in the oven
l- life is incomplete without: Dave
m- marriage date: 12.28.04
n- number of siblings: seven brothers and sisters (three boys, five girls)
o- oranges or apples: tough choice . . . apples while I have no juicer to make my own o.j.
p- phobias or fears: I’m afraid of disappointing myself – I’ve done it more than once, and it is not pleasant
q- quote(s): “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalms 61:2
r- reason to smile: today my reason to smile could be that I’ve accomplished everything that I should have by this time in the day. There’s always something to smile about.
s- season: if springs were warm anywhere I’d lived it’d be spring, but since it’s not really then it has to be summer
t- tag five: Emily Judd, Heather Dance, Amy Robinson, Brian Walker . . . it’s optional of course for everyone of you, I’m just listing my only possibilities of people to tag
u- unknown fact about me: there’s not a lot of unknowns about me . . . maybe that I don’t like making phone calls overall; I’ve been told that I’m awkward on the phone (which I suspected)
v- vegetarian or oppressor of animal: Oppressor of animal is such a harsh way of putting it, but I do like my meat (well done in all cases)
w- worst habit: Dave would probably say it was biting my lips, previously would have been biting my nails (he pretty much broke me of that one)
x- x-rays or ultrasounds: ultrasounds are fun, and there’s no protective apron to freak me out
y- your favorite food: really good burgers (Fuddrucker’s does well) . . . after ice cream
z- zodiac: leo

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  1. I don't really like talking on the phone either. Texting was the best invention ever in my book!!


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