03 April 2008

Number Two . . . is a girl!

You can't tell she's a girl in any of these pictures, but even if I had one like that I wouldn't post it on my blog! I'm so excited. I wanted it to be a girl, partly because then I for sure have one of each, but also because although Dietrich is all boy he's really sweet and tender - just perfect for a little sister don't you think? Knowing that mistakes have been made about girls' genders in ultrasounds I had the doctor make sure after the assistant person had taken a look and they'd discussed what they saw. Things look great, and this is definitely a girl. We'll name her Kate Eleanor.


  1. congratulations!!! how fun! Kate Eleanor is such a pretty name.

  2. Congrats. Good name. I'm so excited for you!!!

  3. What a fun addition to your family. Good luck!!!


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