12 April 2008

A-Z to know about Dietrich . . .

Just for fun I altered this tag a little bit and responded for Dietrich. I've got it digitally scrapbooked. :-)

a- angel or devil: mostly angel, but partly devil
b- best friend: my Dad
c- cake or pie: cake
d- day of choice: whatever day Dad’s home the most
e- Essential item: Dan, the gorilla
f- favorite song: Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams
g- gummy bears or worms: neither – too much chewing involved
h- hometown: none - I’ve lived in Provo, UT, Preston, ID, and Billings, MT
i- indulgence(s): chocolate, watching Rocky
j- January or July: July – no eczema!
k- karaoke or dancing: BOTH!
l- life is incomplete without: pretzels
m- money in savings: $75.13 – more to come on my birthday!
n- number of siblings: one sister on the way
o- oranges or apples: apples – I’m not much into any other fruit yet
p- phobias or fears: Vacuums
q- quote(s): “Where is it?”
r- reason to smile: when I get my way or when Mother and Dad can figure out what I want
s- season: summer – again, no eczema
t- tease or not: definitely a tease, and I don’t mind being teased either
u- unknown fact about me: I was born right on my due date
v- vegetarian or oppressor of animal: I eat meat when it’s ground up very well and I can’t tell it’s there . . . I don’t take the time to chew most things
w- worst habit: puking
x- x-rays or ultrasounds: Mom’s ultrasound was fun, and x-rays are fine when it’s not me
y- your favorite food: mother’s homemade taco soup, or spaghetti
z- zodiac: taurus


  1. what a fun tag! That's a good idea~

  2. Cute idea. Love it!! Where's the digital scrapbooking pages?

  3. Callie, you'll probably have to wait until I publish the pages in a book. :-) Unless I figure out how to show you isolated pages.


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