14 February 2008

Dietrich's bedtime routine

Dietrich is usually willing to brush his teeth anytime he sees us do it, so he actually is pretty regular. His favorite book - indeed, the only book that he has a full attention span for is "If You Take a Mouse to School." It really is the only book that we've been able to read to him in its entirety. And he insists on having it read to him every night before he goes to bed. Then we say prayers. And then we go ahead and lay him down in his crib with his buddy "Dan." Dan is a stuffed gorilla that his Grandmother Allred gave to him and he's only recently become attached to it - and he's VERY attached. Cute little boy. Ultimately he formed his own bedtime routine; we didn't make much of an effort to do anything consistently because until recently he's been so hard to get to sleep anyway. But now he actually will go to sleep on his own! Hooray!

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