08 February 2008

Christmas past . . . but not very far past

Dietrich checking out the contents of his stocking on Christmas morning. This, unfortunately is the only pic we got of him. We got a little bit of video, but we ran out of battery. Grr! Then we have Dietrich enjoying the bed Mom and Dad slept in at Grandma & Grandpa Robinson's house. These pictures of large cat ornaments on our Christmas tree were taken for the benefit of my Aunt Ranae. Ever since we were young she has given my siblings and I Christmas ornaments to be opened on Christmas Eve. I really loved animals when I was little - apparently I especially liked cats. So my ornaments have been cats! But these are the largest ones and quite inappropriate for the tree we have now - it can barely hold them! Even if it could though, Dave insisted, "We are not having a Christmas tree full of cats!" But I had to put them on long enough to take pics and send them to my Aunt. Aren't they just bizarre?


  1. okay those cat ornaments are classic. I think you should always put them on your tree. You can be the crazy cat lady! :-)

  2. Well, they are superior to real cats since they don't shed. :-)


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