15 February 2008

Our Valentine's celebration

First I wanted to show you all the cute Valentine that came in the mail from my oldest niece. She just recently turned eight and she's the most creative, clever little thing - besides all of her siblings. :-) Next I decided to create a Valentine's basket - it includes all the gifts and goodies that we got for the holiday. Besides the lovely bouquet (aren't yellow roses sweet?) Dave got me some chocolates and some reese's pieces and the movie Ever After. I've been giving him little Valentine's cards with candy for the past week and a half. He outdid me though. :-)After we ate our Italian themed dinner we played, "The Newlywed Game." We just modified it for the two of us - I can't really recommend purchasing it (ours was a gift) because some questions I wouldn't even dream of asking with other couples around, and others set you up to insult your spouse and that's not our style. But we were amused by the questions we could use. Then we watched, "Ella Enchanted." I'd never seen it before, at least not completely. Cute show. Cheesy, but cute. Aren't romantic fairy tales appropriate for Valentine's day? While watching we ate some of the chocolate cheesecake that I made - it's a fantastic recipe. If you'd like it let me know. The last picture I included because what would a post be without at least one picture of our cute little boy? He loves these blocks and I managed to take a picture without him noticing - too bad it didn't turn out a little more clear. Hope everyone had a great V day!


  1. Cute pictures! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. what a perfect day! I'd love the chocolate cheesecake recipe!


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