04 November 2013

Monday Musings: Time

Due to a blessing of a new nephew yesterday I was visiting a different ward. In the relief society meeting the lesson was derived from two messages from the most recent general conference. The teacher began the lesson by having us draw a pie chart, and divide it up by how we spent our time (including sleeping). I'm not a very skilled artist or mathematician, but though my pie chart may not have been completely accurate, it did accurately portray one thing: there is too much of my waking hours that could be called 'fluff' time. I didn't even know how to label some of it because I just didn't really know, which I knew in my heart meant that there was a lot of time being wasted. And you can bet that a lot of time was wasted on the internet.

No, I'm not saying that I'm addicted to internet time, but I may be obsessed. I check facebook and email almost compulsively. I get bored sometimes during the day, and while the internet isn't my favorite way to bust boredom, it does seem to be the easiest to pull away from (versus a good book). Or so I keep telling myself. With the vast sources of information/entertainment available on the internet, the time I give myself to 'check something really quick' often turns into an absurd amount of time. Usually because I'll think to myself, "Well as long as I'm on here I may as well check this and this, too." Ugh. The amount of time that is wasted every day is ridiculous.

Why am I telling you this? Partly because it's something I'm thinking about, and in case it's something that you're struggling with as well. Also, there's more accountability when you announce your intentions to the world. I have resolved (again) that I will only check briefly in the morning and briefly in the evening. If I have other legitimate reasons to get on during the day then I won't do anything that doesn't fulfill that purpose, so no more, 'well, as long as I'm on here . . . ' There are many better uses for my time. And that's really one of the greatest gifts in this life; the gift of time and the agency to use it as we see fit.

Note: I did well today at following my resolution. That's partly why this post wasn't completed until tonight. Go me. :)


  1. I do this as well, Rachael, and although I'm not inspired to make the same commitment you have (morning and night only), this has caused me to think. Thanks!

  2. I often think the same thing. When I sit and think about it I am shocked at how easily my computer can suck hours out of my day. I have had a rule for myself to get on the internet only when me kids are sleeping (ie. nap time and after they are in bed) and I stick to that pretty well. But these are also the only times I have when they are not around so I should be doing other things. (Like cleaning, scripture study, keeping a journal... any number of things really.)
    I guess we all need to find our own balance and life. Good luck finding yours.

  3. Great post! This has been on my mind as well, as I seem to struggle in the exact same way. I totally could have written this, for as closely as these words have come from my mouth, too. Thank you for encouraging me to, once again, resolve to not waste so much time online. I try to do a quick check of facebook in the morning and then close that tab until the evening. That way, when I do need to "look something up really fast", throughout the day, I don't get as lost as easily in cyberspace. Love the honesty. Thanks!

  4. I just might join you in this effort! It's so easy to get sucked into the internet world, when I, like you, would ultimately enjoy a good book better. Good luck with day two (and three and four)!!


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