11 October 2013

Fun Friday: Move Your Body!

 Last Saturday I did my first 5K Color Run. I still don't really love running, but I do love to be healthy and fit, so I do it. I've wanted to do a Color Run for quite some time now, and I kept just barely missing opportunities. But I finally made it happen last weekend.Yea for my husband and kids supporting me in these things!


Nearing the end

The end!
 Our bodies are amazing gifts. Celebrate your body! Don't worry about what your body's not - celebrate what it is and what you can do with it! Move today! You'll be glad you did.

Check this guy out! Isn't he awesome?


  1. Way to go! I hate running - I got a treadmill thinking I might like that better (in the privacy of my own home, on my schedule, etc.) but nope, I still hate it!
    But I want to be fit too - most days the most moving a do is dancing to Pandora while I do dishes ;)


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