14 September 2013

I Hope You Dance

It's been awhile. The summer was busy and had some unexpected happenings. Some of them heartbreaking. I was having a tough day today, and after my husband got back from work (yep, on a Saturday) I needed to go to my room and have a good cry. It actually didn't take me long to get it out, but I still wasn't ready join my little family (I was hiding out in my room). So, I pulled out an old journal of mine and started reading; sometimes reviewing the past gives you better perspective in your present, and for planning your future. This is why we study history, is it not? I personally prefer to take my history in the form of historical fiction. But that's not really what I'm posting to say today. I came across something in my journal that I'd like to share.

Entry dated 10 October 2004, this was a reflection on a Sunday School class I'd been in that day:

"Someone made the comment that it's so difficult to build a relationship with someone we can't see (referring to Heavenly Father); that it's difficult enough to build a relationship with someone we can see. I thought to myself that sometimes it's easier not to see. What I was thinking of specifically when I thought that was that in my social dance class that I T.A., the teacher did a lead/follow activity where the girls had to close their eyes. One of the girls in the class told me that it was easier to follow with her eyes closed. That's probably because when you have your eyes closed, it keeps you from anticipating the lead. If the connection between the leader and follower is good, the following can be flawless.
In our 'close-eyed' relationship with the Lord, perhaps we're closing our eyes to the temptations of the world and focusing on our connection with the Lord. Closing our eyes quiets our minds in order to use our inner eye to more accurately follow the lead of the Lord."

 As I reflect on this entry today, it occurs to me that another thing to close our eyes to is questions. In this life it is our our right and responsibility to make choices, but there are certain things that we do not get to choose. We don't get to choose how long our loved ones live. Once we've chosen as parents to try to conceive, we don't get to choose that we're successful in our attempts or that the pregnancy  goes full term. In these situations and others it can be tempting to ask why.

Asking questions is a good thing, but the whys cannot always be immediately satisfied.This is where following blindly comes in. I firmly believe that someday all of our whys will be answered. But until then I follow the Lord and His plan somewhat blindly and full of trust. Why? Because I have previously had my faith tested and found that the Lord led me through all kinds of darkness when I couldn't see ahead at all. When I have been making sincere attempts to follow His lead, He has never let me fall. And that's why I don't even ask some questions. I know that things will be made clear at some point, either in this life or the next. In the meantime I'll keep on dancing with the Lord. I do love dancing after all.

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