07 January 2013

I'm really not insane :)

I both 'liked' and shared this on facebook the other day, with the comment, "Ain't it the truth. :)" A friend of mine responded with the following insight: "Sanity is accepting the same results will occur but understanding the value in the process nevertheless."
Which reminds me of a funny story from awhile back. Like a good homemaker I had made some considerable strides in cleaning one day, and naturally, with three children in my home (one a toddler) the state of cleanliness lasted for less than five minutes. Just after my husband arrived home I looked at the disarray around me and growled, "Why do I even bother trying to clean this place!" And he growled back at me, "Well, some people appreciate what you do around here!" The contrast between the tone of his voice and what he actually said caught me off guard and I had to laugh. Score for my husband successfully switching my feelings of discouragement to feelings of effort acknowledged! :)
Back to what my friend said, regarding the 'value in the process': there's a lot of truth to that. Cleaning can be very therapeutic. Eight year-old me would be giving me a very skeptical look as a result of that statement, but it's true. Every time I clean I am aiming for the hoped-for end result (a clean, well-ordered home), but the process is good for me, too. Work is good for us, and anyone who says differently does not have your well-being in mind. I hope to start teaching my children to clean and clean well, soon.
I am a homemaker (a.k.a. domestic goddess). An unenlightened mind might view the tasks of my role -- the cooking, cleaning, laundry, diapering, bathing, etc. -- as mundane. Indeed, there are times when I lose perspective and totally feel that they are. But all of these things are necessary in order to create what I want out of my house: a place where the spirit can dwell. One facet (one of the most important) of my role as a mother is to teach and nurture my children, and it's necessary to have the spirit with me and abiding in my home in order to do that in an inspired way. A dirty, disorderly home is not conducive to having the spirit . . . and that's why I do many of the same things over and over again in my home. I have rarely achieved the state of order and cleanliness that I desire all at once, but aiming for the ideal is best, even if it seems like it will never be reached.


  1. I needed this post today. I am exhausted and my house is a mess. I thought about enlisting the "help" of my children to get it straightened up before their Dad gets home and thought, "What's the points!?" So, I sat down at the computer instead ;)
    Even if the cleanliness doesn't last it's important to teach my children to work - and to keep trying even though we're not perfect and most things are far from "the ideal" as you put it.
    You're an awesome lady!

  2. I spent a few hours (literally) mopping our floor on Saturday - and as a result the rest of my house is totally a disaster because I didn't have time to get to it. I've been thinking the same things about why do I even bother to do this, so thanks for your thoughts today!

    P.S. It's fun reading about your family on here and catching up on your life post-being the coolest RA ever. :)

    1. Wow! I have never been quoted before! Thanks, I thought about my reply so many times thinking I would reply to my reply with, "but of course I am no where close to sane!" Love you and your enlightened goddess ways

  3. Very well said. Sometimes you have to take pride in the fact that you are willing to sacrifice what you want as an individual in order to provide those you love most with a beautiful and peaceful environment.


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