25 January 2013

Do You Need a Plan B?

How many of you made New Years' resolutions? How many of you included something exercise/health related in those resolutions? Now . . . how many of you have already had to abandon some of those?
Truthfully, I didn't make any. I guess you could say I'm in the "I-should-be-setting-and-achieving-goals-year-round-so-I'm-not-joining-in-the-making-of-unachievable-goals-just-because-it's-the-start-of-a-new-year" camp. What? No such camp exists? Well, my friend Elise and I disagree with that statement, as we both feel this way about it. But I digress.
My real purpose in posting was that I wanted to give you exercisers a plan B. It's always good to have a plan B. Maybe your fitness goals ended up failing already because you found you couldn't dedicate as much time as you wanted to. Or maybe it's because you can't afford a gym membership, and hello, it's January and likely cold so free, outdoor exercise is out (not an excuse my Hawaii-dwelling sister can make, eh April? ;). Maybe you can't afford major exercise equipment. Or maybe there's not enough variety in the workout plan you've chosen. Whatever the problem, I may have something that can help you.
If you can squeeze in 15-20 minutes of exercise a day, then I've got a great plan for you. If you can't manage that amount of time, then you might want to consider freeing up your schedule. :) And you won't even have to leave the house! You will need some relatively inexpensive equipment: an exercise ball, a set of dumbbells (the kind you lift ;), and some clothing appropriate for exercise. 15-20 minutes is not going to get any quick results, but if you stick with it you will eventually get good results for weight loss, cardiac health, and muscle strengthening. Especially if (for weight loss), you combine it with portion control. I have lost 20 pounds before doing just this program, and cutting back my portions. True story.

Rachael's Exercise program by David

Yes, this program was created for me by my husband. Isn't that great? Man, I love that guy. It's like living with your own personal trainer! If you're unsure what some of these exercises are, my first tip is to consult YouTube. Second tip is - go ahead and ask me! Maybe I'll make my own video(s) for YouTube - but don't hold your breath. hahaha

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