07 December 2012

Corn Maze

 Clearly, this was done awhile ago . . . since we live in Idaho. There were no corn mazes convenient to our current location (that I'm aware of), but we all went with dad to state soccer in Idaho Falls. This corn maze was pretty close! I was SO happy. I just knew the kids would love it.

Notice the card in Dietrich's hands in the above picture? Since it was near Halloween they had a murder mystery theme going on at the corn maze. As we went around the corn maze we found clues telling us what farm animal did NOT kill the farmer, and what location the crime was NOT committed in. They had hole punches at each spot for the kids to keep track of what they found. It was totally fun.

I took a lot of  pictures. There were so many good opportunities I couldn't pass them up!

Determined, motivated mystery solvers. :)
I'm usually the one behind the camera, but I'm hoping to get in on more of the pictures.

I'm even more motivated to get pictures of David and I together. There aren't nearly enough. 
Regarding the picture of the two of us, I've thought a lot about taking more pictures as a couple ever since we attended a viewing of our friend's younger brother. He left behind a very young family, and was quite young himself (cancer). At the viewing they had a slide show of pictures, and so many of them were of the two of them, even after they'd had two kids together. We haven't taken many pictures together since our first wedding anniversary, and I think that if David were to die unexpectedly I'd be sad that I didn't have more pictures of him and with him. Same with pictures of me with the kids. I have a ton of them without either one of their parents, a few with David, and very few with me. The length of our lives is unknown and I want good documentation of memories, even if I don't always look as good as I like to for pictures. Anyway, just a few of my thoughts. :)


  1. Good for you and taking pictures. I feel the same as you. I don't take any pictures of myself - I'm always behind the camera. If something were to happen to me, my kids might not know who thee mom was! I was looking through my computer for Christmas card pictures thinking I'd be able to find one really quick - wrong! We only took a few pictures as a family this whole year!!! So sad. I need to be better about family shots and Logan and me pictures. I'm glad someone else is in the same boat - makes me better ;)

  2. The corn maze looks so fun! I have the same problem with pictures. It's hard to get them of me and the kids. These are great!

  3. I love corn mazes, and I completely agree with what you're saying. Paul and I rarely take pics together, and we don't even have kids yet! But it's easier to NOT ask a stranger to take pics for us...and yet, when I go to scrapbook them all, I find myself wishing I had more of US. I'm sorry about your friend's brother, prayers to that family. I've had a few friends go myself now and it's always hard. It's a good reminder though to really LIVE while we're alive.


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