03 January 2012

New Years' newsletter

Our family's 2011 Top Ten List
1.       David began the year by colliding with a couple of elk on his way to an early morning meeting. Out with the old, in with the new – as in out with our Subaru Outback, in with a new (used) GMC Yukon.
2.     Not too long after the year began Rachael left David and the kids behind while she went with her family to the big island of Hawaii for a week. That was awesome. Next time David needs to go with her.
3.     Kate became potty trained two and a half months before Enoch arrived. We narrowly escaped having two children in diapers again. Rachael fully enjoyed the break from diaper changes.
4.     Dietrich turned five (gasp), was totally satisfied with his birthday, and his mom registered him for kindergarten.
5.     To prepare for an overdue baby Rachael purchased herself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to look forward to if baby was late. She got to eat it.
6.     Dietrich and Kate both exhibited signs of proper brain washing; Kate requests the BYU Cougar fight song and Dietrich, after viewing a picture of a Ute fan and a BYU fan said, “That guy’s red and white, like he shouldn’t be.”
7.      Rachael purchased and used running shoes. She ran in her first 5K near the end of September, began training for a 10K and pulled her left quad near the end. Recovery and rehabilitation is in full swing.
8.     Dietrich started school. He attends full-day kindergarten every day! That initially worried his mom, but he’s handled it like a champ and in fact loves it.
9.     David and Rachael celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary. They’re both the luckiest.
10.   Enoch arrived 6 July around 9:30 pm after seven hours of labor which was induced by the water being broken. He was two ounces shy of ten pounds. Wow!


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