07 January 2012

Handmade Christmas

I'll post some more about our Christmas, but this post is solely to showcase the things I made myself as gifts. Not pictured here is an awesome purse that I gave my sister Charity - that's partly b/c I didn't make it, but it was a craft exchange. A friend made the purse for me and I crocheted her a scarf (which fortunately, she loved).

Aren't my kids cute? I sewed Kate's nightshirt, Dietrich's pants and top, and Enoch's wearable blanket. Thanks to the friends that let me use their sewing machines!
I knit this sweater. Kate loves sweaters, and as she saw me making other things she told me that she wanted me to make her a sweater. Purple is her favorite color. The pattern came from lionbrand.com.
Dietrich had been talking about an "Aragorn cape" for some time. So I sewed him one. Thanks to the friend that picked up the fabric for me!
I noticed that my younger brother was a fan of this style of hat, and I felt that he needed a BYU version of it. So I knit him one. The logo actually was cut from a shirt that Dave and I gave him several years ago. The shirt magically came back to me. :) This was a combination of patterns from redheart.com.
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  1. Woohoo! I'm impressed! The PJs look especially comfy!

  2. Nice job. Now I know who I'll come to when I get serious about learning how to knit!! So fun. You did a great job.

  3. These are all so cool. No wonder you were so busy.


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