01 September 2011

3 For Thursdays

Three accomplishments that I have under my belt: 
  • I've given birth three times - and all of them were done au natural. 
  • I've taught myself to crochet and knit within the last year. I'm no expert, but I can make pleasing items. Just check out Kate's b-day present in the pics!
  • I've lost 24 lbs. since having Enoch - sure half of it was baby and all of the accessories to help him grow in utero, but whatever! I'm excited about it.
Three things that my grandma and I have in common:
  • I don't recall ever seeing my paternal grandma wear makeup (though I have seen it in photos). I only wear makeup on Sundays.
  • My paternal grandma also had a lovely voice. I've been told I do as well.
  • My maternal grandma really likes to dress well, and I do, too. We certainly have different ideas of what that means, but we're both aiming for our own version of classy. :D
Three plans for Labor Day:
  • We hope to take a short hike on Saturday; probably Baldy, and then ride the lift down (it's free on the way down!). 
  • We also hope to have company. That's still pending, as is our entire weekend pretty much.
  • We will be watching BYU's first football game of the 2011 season. It may be live and it may not be when we watch it, but we will be watching. Go Cougars!
Three ridiculous things I have spent money on:
  • Teeth whitening systems. Mostly ridiculous b/c it was from online ads. Never again. 
  • Regular clothes while I'm pregnant. I just can't accurately guess how clothes will fit or look on me after I get my body back!
  • Late/overdraft fees. Now that's ridiculous.
Three things that only time will fix:
  • My remaining pregnancy weight gain will go away - just not as quickly as the first half.
  • My imperfections. Those will take a lot of work, but after some of eternity has passed it will almost be like they never were. :)
  • Potty training days. I will be thrilled when all children that I have are fully potty trained. No one can say that I'll wish for those days back. Seriously.
Three pictures: All about Kate's last birthday since I haven't gotten around to a post specifically about that. :D

Trying out her crocheted tea set. Dietrich liked it, too. :D
Isn't she just too cute?

This entire cake was made from scratch. I am awesome - or at least awesome at finding awesome ideas on blogs. haha


  1. Whoa, that is quite the cake! Hard to tell exactly what's going on with it though since the picture is black and white. I bet it was yummy!

  2. these are so fun to read Rachael! I love it!


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