09 August 2011

Enoch's Blessing

The men in the circle (L to R): Granddad (David's dad), Grandpa (Rachael's Dad), Nathan (R's brother), David, Raymond (R's brother), Tim (R's bro-in-law), Darrin (R's bro-in-law)

Our family

It was a whirlwind of a day - a good day, but a little crazy. It was my turn to teach in relief society that day, and the lesson didn't really come together until that morning. That was a little stressful, but it turned out well I think. After church was out we hosted a cook-out for the family that came. A lot of people = a lot of fun, and since all but one of my siblings (I have seven) were able to make it there was a lot of fun. :) Fortunately, I don't find a large group to be particularly stressful after having a baby. I was just bummed that most of the fixings for the burgers were forgotten until almost everyone had eaten. If I hadn't needed to feed our baby, they surely wouldn't have been forgotten b/c I LOVE burgers and I NEED all the fixings. However, the meal basically turned out well, too. Thanks to all of our wonderful family members who were able to come and contributed a salad to the meal!

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  1. Ahh, Rachael, look at that beautiful family you have. I can't believe how big Dietrich and Kate are, and what a darling baby!


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