08 May 2011

Snatches of stuff

Since I'm so awful at blogging regularly, I've got a lot of catching up to do. So I'm just going to do a few snapshots of what's been going on since Christmas - ha! We're almost halfway through the year! Okay, so no pics of New Year's; no people pics of Valentine's day, so I'm moving onto the next big thing that happened: David's birthday.

Don't look at the cake too closely - you'll see what an awful job I did icing it. I freeze my cakes before I frost them, but this cake didn't get to freeze quite long enough. However, it still tasted delightful. It is referred to in my family as "Death by Chocolate Cake". So rich, that I need to wash it down with milk instead of have ice cream with it. If you have any idea how much I LOVE ice cream, or any idea how much richness I can handle, that should give you an idea of how insanely good this cake is. David's birthdays have been primarily about making sure he gets good food. This year was no different - although I think it was at Spring Break that we purchased a Wii bundle and used his birthday (and Father's Day and Mother's Day and his birthday money) as justification for the purchase. :)

I got all of my hairs cut. :D It was time. I didn't want it so short that I couldn't put it in a pony tail, but it needed some shape to it b/c it was getting . . . well, blah! I was pleased with the results.

A friend of mine found a free photography class/tutorial that was delivered to your inbox for the entire month of February. I saved the emails to start working on later, and the remaining pictures are from Day 1. The theme of the class was something like "Month of Love" and so the pictures were to be of your loved one(s). The first prompt was to take pictures of what they do. So here is David working a softball game. :) Only one of the sports he works, of course.

Dietrich and Kate playing with the "toys" at Dad's work.

Saw these tires and knew I had to get a picture of at least one of my kids with them. Dietrich is always available for a picture. :D He certainly doesn't get that from his dad. haha


  1. Do you share recipes? Especially delicious to die for chocolate cake ones?
    I like the pictures you've been taking! And I really like your new haircut!! It looks really good! I'm always nervous when I go to chop off my hair, but last time I was soo happy I did it. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

  2. I absolutely share recipes. :) To me, they're meant to be shared. haha I'll post it on fb . . . I think we're not fb friends, but I'll tag Josh to make sure he notices it and can share with you. :D


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