11 December 2009

Merry Christmas to me! I mean us . . .

BEFORE . . .


Folks, these pictures represent a landmark in my life. The top picture was taken by the same camera that most of the previous pics which have appeared on this blog were taken with. The bottom picture was taken by our new Canon Rebel XSi. It's my Christmas gift to me! . . . I mean our Christmas gift to us. :D Woohoo! Get ready for much more awesome (and probably more frequent) postings of beautiful pictures. Aren't you so excited? I've no doubt that you are.


  1. Yay! I have that camera too! I got it after Denny was born because our old camera took such blurry pix! You will love love love it!

  2. wow! Awesome! What a great present!

  3. We got an xsi in the spring and I sure LOVE it!!! It looks like you're excited as well and I'm looking forward to lots of great pictures ;)

  4. Yea! You have to love an early, fun, useful Christmas present! :-)

  5. Cute blog, Rachael! Now I'm gonna keep an eye on you! ;)


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