08 December 2009

Just because . . .

These flowers were mysteriously delivered to my front door within the last half hour. I put it to you, blog readers - is there a special occasion of some kind today? Did I forget something? The answer is - NO! It is neither my birthday, nor Mother's day, nor Valentine's day, nor my wedding anniversary (although that is approaching), nor did David and I get into a fight of some kind recently. Nope, these flowers were delivered pretty much "just because," and it happened very soon after David left to go to Carey (half an hour away) to work a couple of basketball games. I'm pretty sure that he delivered them himself . . . a ring and run sort of situation. I bet he's just chuckling to himself right now. It came with a sweet note in a card. And I pretty much almost burst into tears. (Ahhhhh!) How lucky am I? Pretty darn, I'd say. :D *sigh*

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  1. That's so nice! I think unexpected gifts like that are the best.


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