06 January 2009


"Wow. Shouldn't that read, 'ROAD CLOSED'?"

My dear friends, if you have not yet heard of Brian Regan you should look him up on Amazon and buy his stuff. He is a truly hilarious comedian. Clean, too (otherwise I wouldn't find him terribly funny). This refers to a joke of his. Up until today I had never seen such a construction sign. When I saw it I laughed out loud, pulled over and took a pic with Dave's cell phone. Good thing I did, because about an hour later it was gone. Classic. Right here in Billings! I think the road was temporarily closed by the way. :-)


  1. My fam and I are in LOVE with Brian Regan! My sister was reciting his stuff while she was in labor to get through her contractions! :)

  2. okay I LOVE Brian Regan too!!!! hilarious! and I can't believe you actually found a sign like that. that is classic!

  3. So, Brian Regan is our favorite too. Celeste's comment is awesome...because we were watching him while I was in labor...it was so ironic...you're going to feel a little pressure...


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